Friday, September 30, 2011

Handy naviseccli Commands

I have been meaning to document this for ages.  I often find myself supporting clients who are located on the other side of a horribly slow WAN / VPN / 2 Cans and a piece of string link.  Slow as in even Navisphere Express times out in the web browser.  That’s when a ninja-admin such as myself whips out his command-line fu.  All commands below are to be entered on a single line and substitute %username% and %password%

Physical Container-Front End Ports Speeds

naviseccli –h <ip address> port –list -sfpstate
naviseccli –h <ip address> –set sp a –portid 0 2
naviseccli –h <ip address> backendbus –get –speeds 0

SP cache details
naviseccli -scope 0 -user %username% –password %password% -address <ip address> getcache

Get all the details of the LUN’s on the array
naviseccli -scope 0 -user %username% –password %password% -address <ip address> getlun

Review IO Ports on an array
naviseccli -h <ip address> -user %username% –password %password% -scope 0 ioportconfig -list |more

All details from the Array
naviseccli -scope 0 -user %username% -password %password%-address <ip address> getall

SP Reboot and Shutdown GUI
naviseccli –h <ip address> rebootsp
naviseccli –h <ip address> resetandhold

Apart from being faster than the GUI, knowing the naviseccli commands also allows you to incorporate them in scripts, pipe the output etc.  In other words it’s a very nice string to have in your bow!

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